Cook County Circuit Chief Judge Tim Evans and Sheriff Tom Dart insist they can’t be held responsible for criminals released without bail



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I’m not sure if I agree with the claims in this story by Cook County Chief Judge Tim Evans or Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart

Cook County’s chief judge and sheriff are asking a county judge to toss a lawsuit that seeks to hold them responsible for the murder of 73-year-old Keith Cooper, whom prosecutors say was killed by two men who were on electronic monitoring in Chicago.

Attorneys for Cooper’s estate based the claim on the same general grounds as a similar suit filed weeks earlier on behalf of another murder victim’s estate: Cook County is putting potentially violent people on home confinement without adequately monitoring them.

Attorneys representing Chief Judge Timothy Evans and Sheriff Tom Dart argued that the officials don’t have a duty to prevent people from committing crimes while on electronic monitoring

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Responding to lawsuit, chief judge, sheriff say they’re not responsible for people who kill others while on electronic monitoring